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Patients’ data:

Your established procedures for keeping your patients’ data include:

New / Returning Patients:

Segmenting patients into new and returning can help you have a full picture of the retention rate. Monitoring just the total number of patients for your business, without knowing the ratio of new and returning can lead to misleading results. Take for instance the case that you have many new patients over a 12-month period. Summing up the total number of your patients can generate a very positive result. Nevertheless, it can be the case that your returning patients are diminished and consequently your repeat business in shrinking (patients returning to repeat a treatment).

Actions to segment your patients into new and returning:

Active / Inactive Patients:

Business growth in Medical Aesthetics is highly depended on patient’s retention and the repetition of popular treatments. Therefore, monitoring and properly managing the active and inactive patients for main services is fundamental.

Actions to monitor active / inactive patients:

Patient Recalling Procedure:

Actions to recall your patients to repeat a treatment:


Actions you take to nourish the cross-selling strategy of your services:

Treatments Upselling:

Actions you take to increase the revenue per service:

Patients Rewarding:

Actions you take to reward your loyal patients: