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The product is currently available only in English and Greek.

The questionnaire is fully responsive for use on any PC, Laptop, Tablet or Smartphone. You will only need an active internet connection and a web browser (i.e. Google Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Microsoft Edge) installed on your device.

No, you only need to click on the link sent to you with the email after you complete the purchase and you can start the diagnostics procedure by filling out the specially designed questionnaire.

A comprehensive audit is essential for your business performance to be thoroughly analyzed and assessed. Thus, each part of the diagnostic tool remains inextricably linked to the others and should not be used as a separate tool to measure your practice efficiency. That is the reason why the final report delivered to you always consists of the analysis for all the business growth pillars. However, should you wish to focus on specific areas you are more interested in and ignore the rest included in the final report on your business performance, you are free to do so.

Once the purchase of the product is completed you will be directed to a new page with all the instructions and the details you need to start completing the questionnaire:

  • A call-to-action button to start the diagnostics procedure by completing the special questionnaire.
  • Your unique order number to fill in the special field before you start answering the questions.

If for any reason you close your browser’s window before clicking on the box, do not worry. All information is already sent to the email you provided during the purchase process. If the email is not in your inbox, please make sure you have checked your junk folder. You can always contact us using the relevant form at the bottom of the page if you encounter any problems so that we can assist you.

To successfully complete the purchase process, you are required to create an account (profile). Your profile is your unique area in our platform where you can find all the details of your orders to UpMyBusiness e-shop. Within 10 working days after you have completed your purchase of the product you selected, you will receive instructions on how to log in to our platform using the details (Username / Password) you entered and download the final Report, tailor made for your business. Detailed information on the procedure you will need to follow will be sent to you via email once the processing of the data by the UpMyBusiness team has been completed.

Of course you can. The completion of the questionnaire from any device can be stopped at any time. Your answers are saved after submitting them by clicking “next page” and you can continue the process any time you want from where you have stopped. Just make sure you always use the same device (Computer, Tablet or Smartphone) as well as the same browser. In case you need to use a different device or browser ba aware that the process will start from the beginning and your already submitted answers will not be saved.

The final Report will be ready to download as a PDF file. It is specially formatted so that you can very easily save it in your computer and read it directly on your screen or you can choose to print it, should you wish to have it in a hard copy format.

You can repeat your business performance Check-up diagnosis if you want to check your actions and procedures results a few months after you implemented changes and additions in your practice setup. The entire process is exactly the same to the one of the first diagnostic test, but diagnostic results will definitely change as you will provide different answers based on the various functions and procedures you have chosen to adopt.

Each plan is specially designed and contains all the features that offer a complete approach of business coaching per stage. Omitting some features would not offer the anticipated results so no changes are possible.

Sure, this option is available for you any time you decide, just let us know using the contact form and we will proceed with the upgrade desired.

The Pro plan includes a sequence of a wide range of services and adapts accordingly to individual business needs after a thorough assessment is done. In case that Basic & Plus plans do not meet your practice needs, you can contact us and identify together the proper sequence of actions and the respective strategy to build your preferred, tailor-made business model.

Upon completion of the diagnostic questionnaire you data will be processed and you will receive your personalized business Report which will contain:

  • Your business performance overview: You will acquire a snapshot of your overall business performance as well as the respective analysis for every growth pillar in Medical Aesthetics as described in the ideal business model.
  • Special Graphs & Tables: Special and easy-to-understand spider web graphs and tables with percentages that reflect the performance of your business separately in each area examined.
  • Information & Tips: Information and useful business tips per section that help you understand your business Report in an easy and straight forward way.
  • Standard Operation Procedures: In addition to a full understanding of the status of your business, a second feature of equal importance in included in the Report you are receiving: The set of steps, in the optimal sequence, leading to an efficient and successful action plan towards the growth of your business.

After you have received your business diagnostic results you may realise that you need professional support from a Medical Aesthetics Business Coach to proper analyse the performance findings, to build laser focused business tools and to set your action plan and your priorities. Check Up My Business Plus plan includes, in addition to the Basic plan:

  • Results Analysis: Our team of experts will carefully study and analyze the results of your Report to understand the specific needs for your business. Respective business tools will be created to serve these needs, adapted to your targets and your goals.
  • Setting Business Objectives: UpMyBusiness team helps you build personalised business goals and relate them to your business SMART targets meaning that:

    – Your targets are (S)pecific
    – Your targets are (M)easurable
    – Your targets are (A)chievable
    – Your targets are (R)ealistic
    – Your targets are (T)ime framed

    Those targets will be linked to agreed Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to make the monitoring of your business performance a procedure easy to understand.

  • Personalized business monitoring tools: To ensure the monitoring of the company’s performance on a regular basis, special monitoring tools will be created perfectly adapted and adjusted to your needs and goals. Their mission will be to record all the data needed for the thorough monitoring of KPIs and the overall course of the business.
  • Interactive Business Dashboard: A dashboard can help you to easily monitor the progress of your business daily on a single PC screen. All key performance indicators will be properly monitored (eg income per treatment, number of patients, cross selling performance, comparative results, etc.). Everything is displayed with simple and understandable graphs so that in a few minutes you can have a complete business performance snapshot. Having this will allow you to make your decisions on your next strategic moves. To build and use such a dashboard, you will need to have a keep only four important elements of your daily practice:

    – Patient appointment date
    – Patient name
    – Income per session
    – Service provided

Note that 120 minutes of live video call in agreed time slots, with interaction from both parties, will be required throughout our collaboration for the Plus plan

The Check Up My Business Pro plan is the complete Business Coaching solution for your business. Under a continuous and multifaceted communication and interaction between your business and the UpMyBusiness team of experts, we craft together your fully bespoke action plan based on the specific characteristics of your practice. Moreover, we can even help you in the implementation phase of your plan by utilising all available resources. Pro plan includes all the features of Basic and Plus plan and in addition:

  • Business Priorities: We determine together your business priorities based on your business strategies and imperatives.
  • Bespoke Action Plan: UpMyBusiness team builds, in close cooperation with you, a sequence of actions and procedures to start executing your action plan perfectly tailored to the needs of your business. This plan is specially designed to improve the overall performance as well as to deal with all the different aspects of your practice.
  • Implementation of Actions: After the creation of the aforementioned action plan, its implementation begins. Inhouse accountable people will be appointed to specific tasks and all available resources will be used in a time-bound project plan with specific milestones and tools to monitor the overall progress.
  • Coaching Sessions: Once all the above actions are completed, our concern will then be to make sure that they are properly implemented as well as to do all the necessary strategic deviations. UpMyBusiness team of experts will train, support and follow-up on the stakeholders of your business to make sure that everyone is ready to carry out the tasks appointed on the optimal and most efficient way.

Payment for the product is made electronically. When purchasing the product, you can choose you online payment method from the below options:

  • Debit Card
  • Credit Card
  • PayPal
  • Bank Transfer (after contacting our company)

The website uses the SSL protocol for safe online business transactions. In this way, all credit card information is encrypted so that it may not be read or changed while transferred in the Internet.

All credit card payments are being done through Stripe platform. Stripe is a PCI Service Provider Level 1 which is the highest grade of payment processing security. The other payment method available is Paypal. PayPal is a highly secure financial service, backed with some of the best end-to-end encryption available.

For more information, please refer to our “Terms of use” page – Article 6 (

Before the completion of the order, our company informs the customer through the website about the substantial features of the product, price, quantity, transfer costs, payment method, delivery method, duration and price of the offer, if any. Full refund is possible only until the product is not yet ready for download in customers area. After the product is available to download for the customer, no refund is possible.

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